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Organisational Review and Capacity Building, Immunisation Systems Support, HIV/AIDS Policy and Planning, Public Information and Communications Planning
Global:  Advisor to GAVI partners through WHO on performance of Regional Working Groups and the Task Force for Country Cooperation and Technical Support (TFCC);  Advisor to GAVI partners through UNICEF on capacity building for immunisation in the 74 poorest countries.
China:  Short-Term Advisor to Xinjiang HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project.  Provision of policy advice to Xinjiang health authorities 
Bulgaria:  Consultant to the Ministry of Health on training of general practitioners and on the development of public information, population health and health promotion programs.
Indonesia:  Sub-Team Leader (Immunisation Coverage and Disease Surveillance) for Central-level Immunisation Program Assessment
Cambodia: Senior Policy Advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Children’s Vaccination Program for Cambodian operational trial.   Undertook complex negotiations to bring all parties together with the Cambodian government for planning and rollout of Hepatitis B vaccine into the EPI.  The role with the Children’s Vaccination Program is on-going and  currently also includes Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.
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